We offer property tax appeal services to owners and users of commercial real estate. Our diverse and extensive experience in appealing property taxes is centered around our availability to our clients. We pride ourselves on quickly responding to any client requests, and limiting the amount of time our clients need to spend on a property tax appeal.
In addition, we are uniquely qualified to provide the assessing authority with detailed information about the real estate market. As is true with all of our service lines, we do our best to compliment the real estate brokerage industry and the real estate appraisal industry. We therefore have a unique ability to gather market knowledge from many different sources. In the event that the real estate data is not enough to reduce the assessor’s valuation, we partner with strong attorneys that are more than willing to take the issue in front of a judge.


Areas of Focus:
• Office
• Industrial
• Retail
• Healthcare

Types of Development & Clients:
• Tenants that occupy 100% of their facility
• Building owners (landlords or owner occupants)

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