This is Our Story

In 2017, we formed 45 North Group because we wanted to focus the skills and experience acquired throughout our careers into making the world a better place by revolutionizing the way commercial real estate is built and utilized. We each have growing families and we want to ensure that our pursuits enable us to pass a better world to future generations, starting right here in the Twin Cities, located on the 45th parallel.

It starts with experienced market perspective. We leverage our expertise in real estate development and add the benefits of efficiency and resilience offered by renewable energy platforms. As objective consultants, we offer guidance without bias. We bring right-fit solutions, custom-tailored to the needs of all stakeholders, while maintaining lasting relationships built on trust.

We meet the evolving market with innovative optimism and seek to promote possibility because we’ve seen the impact of strategic, thoughtful change. This vision of a sustainable future incorporates renewable practices that protect our planet and supports regenerative solutions for future generations.

Critical to our mission is the firm belief that sustainable practices are also financially sound. We recognize that the most efficient way to accomplish our mission is to identify strong investment and value add opportunities that provide attractive returns.

We’re creating a new type of model to meet the demands of a new era. We’re a renewable development company, and together we can create lasting impact for people, planet and profit.

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  • Experienced Market Perspective

  • Objective Consultants

  • Lasting Relationships

  • Innovative Optimism

  • Sustainable Future

  • Financially Sound