Burnsville, MN


Development Management
Retail - Grocery
26,000 SF

Project Partners

Architect: Wilkus Architects
Contractor: Kraus Anderson

Project End Date

May 2019


Valley Natural Foods hired the team at 45 North Group to help manage their remodel and expansion project that was overbudget, unfunded and off schedule. The team helped to redesign and re-bid the project to bring it back to budget and then assisted in restructuring the financing to undertake construction. In addition, they helped negotiate entitlements and neighborhood agreements to allow the project to move forward. Throughout the project, 45 North Group helped to manage all project vendors as well as key relationships with city and neighbors to keep the project on schedule and budget.

The project involved adding 8,000 SF to an existing 18,000 SF grocery facility for a new total of 26,000 SF. The entire back of house grocery operations moved into the new expansion area which resulted in increased retail floor area. The existing facility was renovated to update equipment and interior design for a better shopping experience and operational efficiency.

Client Testimonial

“Our expansion was overbudget and unfunded when we decided to bring in the expertise of 45 North Group. A little over a year later, we were operating in our expanded and remodeled store. We could not have done this without the expertise and advocacy that 45 North Group provided.”

Nick Seeberger
CEO, Valley Natural Foods